Compliments and Thanks

Thank you so much for these compliments and "thank you" messages received from parents, carers, pupils and students, during the pandemic!

We just wanted to thank you again for all your help & support over the last school year & for the lovely comment you made on our son's school report. We are really proud & pleased with how he is progressing in school & we know he has missed seeing everyone over these last few months.

If you could pass on our thanks to all those involved, you have all been great, especially during these last few difficult months, from a phone call to check how we are getting on, to house points being awarded & the vouchers which our son received for his hard work. It certainly made him feel proud & happy to receive this recognition & gave him a boost to carry on working hard at home.

We hope you have an enjoyable summer break & we know our son will be looking forward to going back to school in September to see his friends & teachers.

Once again a massive thank you.

Parent of a Year 8 pupil

I wanted to thank all teachers for their work in such difficult times. I hope everyone has a good break and that things are less complicated next term.

A Year 8 parent

Thank you very much for your email. We would also like to extend our sincerest gratitude to Mrs Kite and all the staff and teachers for all the things you do to support our daughter in her studies despite this pandemic.

Stay safe and kind regards.

Parents of a Year 8 pupil

Dear Mrs Kite and Staff,

Many thanks to the staff who accompanied our daughter to Paris, we appreciate the effort that goes into such a trip, the teachers time and the stress involved in the organisation and logistics, especially when there is the spread of a global virus.
We are fully aware that the decision to run the trip would not have been taken lightly and I am sure involved a few sleepless nights too! The information that was provided by the school and the contact details reassured myself and my husband.
As a family we have visited Paris on several occasions, but a school trip with class mates and teachers is a very different experience, one which our daughter thoroughly enjoyed and I am sure she will have many memories to share in the future.
Both my husband and I work in educational settings and we are both aware that a thank you is often forgotten and more often than not the last thing on parents lips. Therefore, a bit thank you Mrs Kite and to all the staff who made this trip a fantastic experience.

Da Iawn Ysgol Harri Tudur!

A Year 10 parent

I hope this email finds you all well on a miserable cloudy day.
I am just catching up with all of my daughter’s teachers this morning after talking with her Key Stage Leader last week, I have no concerns with Welsh or French, I believe she is pretty much up to date in both these subject please let me know if anything is missing or you haven’t seen her work. My daughter receives good feedback on most of her work in these classes and really enjoys learning both languages.

A Year 7 parent

I have just looked on the school website and seen my son’s name appear on the certificate of achievement page for Maths. Thank you so much for putting his name forward. It really has made our week. It's been a tough lockdown but I'm proud of the progress my son has made and the support you have given him along the way. It’s very much appreciated.

A Year 10 parent

It’s thank a teacher day so I’m thanking you because you’re the best teacher :)

A Year 9 pupil

As it is "Thank a Teacher" day, I just want to let you know that I appreciate the feedback you have given me on my work and the help you have given me when I needed it.
You have encouraged me to think more deeply into my work and I have been able to get better results off the back of it.
I appreciate how you sent me the 'Solving Equations' video when I said I was struggling with it. Not many other Teachers would have done that.
I look forward to the day we meet face to face again!
Thank you!

A Year 10 pupil

Sending a very big thank you, for calling my mum and emailing my teachers. Home schooling is going a lot better now.

A Year 10 pupil

I appreciate all the work you are setting us and helping us learn French Thank you for marking my work so quickly!!

A Year 7 pupil

I would like to thank you for the Amazon vouchers my son received in the post this morning as a reward for continuing with his learning at home at the moment. It was a lovely surprise for him and we are very grateful to all teaching staff concerned. Please pass our thanks on to everyone.

A Year 10 parent

Aww what a lovely response thank you, my daughter is smiling from ear to ear.
I’m so proud of how she has studied as she does struggle.
Positive messages like this are really boosting her - thank you.

A Year 7 parent

Thank you for doing sports activities with us if you didn't come then we wouldn't have a chance to do this.

A pupil attending the Ysgol Harri Tudur Hub supporting key worker parents

Thank you so much for your lovely email, my son and I really appreciate it. He has read the email (with a big smile on his face) and is currently cutting out different bits for his eye collages, he seems a lot more upbeat now he’s got an idea of what to do. I will get my son to keep you updated with photos as he goes along.
Once again thank you for taking the time to get in touch.

A Year 10 parent

My child’s teacher at Henry Tudor School has encouraged my child during school work from home and sent positive emails whilst also working in the schools hub keeping key workers children safe.

A Year 7 parent

Good afternoon Mrs Kite,

I am sorry to bother you. But, I thought I would say my thank you to you for all your hard work that you do within school. So Thank You!
I hope all is well with you and the family.
All the best,

A Year 12 pupil

Thanks Miss I will, it was nice to see you the other day
I missed seeing my favourite teacher in the world so it was nice to see you
Hope to speak soon.

A pupil attending the Hub supporting key worker parents

My son is absolutely delighted this morning. He has received his 1000 class charts point for his silver award. He’s worked so hard during the lock down and we really appreciate the enthusiasm and positivity of the feedback he has received from his teaching staff.

A Year 7 parent

Thank you for sharing this article.
It has really struck a cord and provides comfort that we are all experiencing the same fears and hopes at the moment.
As a parent I would like to pass on my best wishes and gratitude to Mrs Kite and all of the wonderful staff at Ysgol Harri Tudur for being resilient and caring in unprecedented times. You are doing and continue to do an amazing job. Together we will weather this and hopefully will be stronger as a result.
If you need any support in any way from parents I will be first in line.

A Year 11 & Year 13 parent

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude for the work you have been sending our daughter. It’s been informative, fun and she has enjoyed undertaking the tasks you have set, keeping her motivated and on track. We appreciate how hard this is without face to face contact. You have been consistent with rewarding her for her hard work, which has had a positive impact enabling her to continue to do well, which is an incredible feat, given the situation you have to teach in. She is definitely missing the teaching and face to face contact.
As unfortunately we won’t get the opportunity of a parent/teacher evening I do hope we get the chance to meet you again to thank you in person for helping her in her first year at comprehensive school.
Thank you so much for the brilliant work you have done.
With our very best wishes

A Year 7 parent

Just a quick email to say thank you so much for the amazon gift voucher we received today. It was extremely thoughtful, kind and quite honestly took my breath away. It hasn't been too difficult to engage my daughter in the online learning activities you have set mainly because they have been fun, achievable and most importantly for us as I am a teacher too - she has been able to do the work independently. I thank you and all your staff for providing a consistent voice during this time. It has really helped us create a routine and maintain structure.
Thank you once again for the going above and beyond in recognising the effort of your pupils.

A Year 7 parent

Again want to say thank you for all your hard work and care for the pupils. I know mine cannot wait to come back but are enjoying the work and the sense of normality it brings. My daughter has just shown me the “We’ll meet again video”, well done to all involved was fabulous to see you all.

Parent of pupils Year 7 and Year 10

I have noted all the information sent and I would appreciate it if you could pass on my thanks to Mrs Kite, Miss Locke and all the staff for your continued hard work throughout these challenging times.
I very much appreciate the difficulties getting pupils into the school safely is and you are to be commended for the organisation it has taken.

A Year 7 parent

Just wanted to pass on my thanks to all my son’s teachers, he's had some lovely encouraging messages and enjoyed the variety of work and always gets feedback on his work, he's in Year 7. I realise some are doing this whilst looking after their own families at home so thank you.

A Year 7 parent